The time has finally arrived!

I’ve been thinking about having a website/ blog for years and just never took the leap. Well I’m jumping and we’ll see how this all plays out. I have been dreaming of sharing ideas with others on the web for years, but time and other commitments always got in the way. You know, a deadline at work, an IEP to write, soccer practice to run the kids to, a birthday party, etc, etc, and on and on and on. Well no more! Now thanks to YappGuru’s, MaiLing Chan, I am finally taking the first step into the cyber-world of blogging. Even if it starts off slowly, I’m doing it! I’m so excited!…….nervous, ………but excited too.

About Dawn Flores

I am a 20+ veteran of providing Speech therapy in schools, homes, and clinic settings. I love being a Speech Pathologist, but I also have a passion for crafting, and scrapbooking. When I can merge these two loves, everything is right with the world. Now I'm bringing that love to you.

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