Fall iSpy

It’s always a challenge to make therapy fun and engaging. But this week I think I scored. Since I live in the desert, going on a Fall leaf hunt doesn’t happen. The leaves don’t fall much yet, and most of the trees here are not very big. So I started buying fake leaves from Walmart and Michaels. Then I place a bunch of the leaves in a bin with a bunch of objects. I get the objects from toys I have saved from my children over the years, and from the Lakeshore Alphabet Teaching Tubs.


I have the children put on googly eye rings (found at Walmart during holidays) and play iSpy.


“I spy with my little eyes…….”. If they are older, I also have them use the object in a sentence. This can also be used to answer questions related to the object, what you can do with the object, name categories, etc. The kids had a blast, and I had a fun session as well.


About Dawn Flores

I am a 20+ veteran of providing Speech therapy in schools, homes, and clinic settings. I love being a Speech Pathologist, but I also have a passion for crafting, and scrapbooking. When I can merge these two loves, everything is right with the world. Now I'm bringing that love to you.

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