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So this is a hot topic these days, and I wanted to see what others think about it and are doing about it in their settings. We have all had that kiddo that only has an /r/ left to remediate, they are an A student and they have no trouble with social, ┬ápresenting information in class, and are highly intelligible except for that one sound. What do we do as school based SLP’s? Do we recommend Speech therapy? What if they have remediated all other sound errors but this one lingers, or only ever had this sound error, and it just isn’t 100% yet. Now that budgets are tight and schools are really looking hard at only providing services for children with EDUCATIONALLY RELEVANT needs. Are we to tell parents of these kids to seek private, clinic based therapy now? What are others experiencing in their settings. I’m curious.

About Dawn Flores

I am a 20+ veteran of providing Speech therapy in schools, homes, and clinic settings. I love being a Speech Pathologist, but I also have a passion for crafting, and scrapbooking. When I can merge these two loves, everything is right with the world. Now I'm bringing that love to you.

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