The OJ Filter

So I’ve been talking with my social groups about appropriate vs inappropriate comments. We’ve looked at video clips, talked about situations, talked about what a filter is, etc. I got to thinking….. I need an easier way to refer to this topic with them during the course of conversations, in the hallway, during Lunch Bunch, etc.

Let me stray for a minute and say that, we have an orange tree in our backyard that was really producing a lot of oranges and we needed to juice them before they went bad. As I was zoning out, juicing them, I was thinking of what to do with my groups the next day, and it came to me. Juicing oranges is like using you social filter! Huh? “What, how is that?”

Yes, making Orange Juice is a way to talk about using your mental filter. And, I thought I could juice them with the students, and give them a taste of fresh squeezed Orange Juice, which many (come to find out) have never had. Here’s how it goes.

When juicing oranges, you get some seeds that get caught in the filter and don’t go through. These seeds are the things that we should never say. Things that hurt others, those are seeds, that should never pass the filter. Then there is the pulp. Some pulp gets caught in the filter, by some goes through. These are the comments that we can make, BUT need to rephrase, or change to make more socially appropriate for whatever reason. Then there is the juice that goes straight through. The juice, are the things we can always say in every situation with no worries.

This made sense! The kids got it! It made it much easier to then say…… Johnny was that comment a seed, pulp, or juice? We are now having discussions about whether given situtations are seeds, pulp, or juice. The kis are giving me different ‘pulp’- different ways of phrasing comments. When I see then in the hallway, we now have a code I can use to have them rephrase or fix a conversation with just a simple “pulp” or “seed” comment.

Try this in your groups, and feel free to let me know how it goes. The worst that could happen is you get your vitamin C for the day!

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I am a 20+ veteran of providing Speech therapy in schools, homes, and clinic settings. I love being a Speech Pathologist, but I also have a passion for crafting, and scrapbooking. When I can merge these two loves, everything is right with the world. Now I'm bringing that love to you.

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